Web Design – Trends 2017


  • Hidden Navigation and Pop-Out Menus
    • Pop-Out and Mobile
    • More Room on the “First Screen”
    • Focus on Navigational Areas
  • Inspiration from Wearables
    • Streamlined Design
    • Effective Design In Tight Spaces
    • Supersized Iconography 
    • Streamlined Color Palettes
    • Minimalism to the Extreme
  • Material Design Lite
    • Principles of Physics
    • Mix and Match Components
    • Material Color Palettes
  • Split-Screen Design (Desktop Stacked on Mobile)
    • Consider Content
    • Pair Bright Color and Cool Typography
    • Think of “Screens” as Cards
    • Create Visual Flow Between “Screens”
  • Video, Video, and More Video
    • Video as a Dominant Visual
    • Professional Quality Wanted
    • Create Contrast 
    • What About Sound?
    • Video and Interactive Adventure



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  • What’s Next? VR
    • Create the Right Scale
    • Maintain Some Distance
    • It’s All About the Experience

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