The 20min Social Media Booster Routine

We’re all busy. We’ve got clients to serve, projects to complete, emails to check, families to love, and cat gifs to watch. Life is a hustle and if you’re not efficiently effective with your social media efforts you’re just a hamster spinning it’s wheel– you’re not getting anywhere and eventually you’ll burn out.

So here’s my simple social media solution to help you spend an effective amount on your social activity every day. Grab an egg timer or a timer app and follow this with ruthless precision:

5min – check notifications and respond (Google+, Twitter, Facebook)
5min – comment on other people’s content (be real, don’t be fake)
10min – curate and schedule content for the day (use Buffer or Klout)

You must be super strict about keeping your time limits. Put yourself under the gun and don’t compromise.

Buffer is great because their content suggestions are very well curated and they give 25 new pieces of suggested content every day. They make it easy to discover and schedule those pieces of content right from within the app.

As much as I could rant about how much Klout has dropped the ball on their scoring system (which is pretty much useless) they have done a great job on reinventing their product as a content discovery and scheduling utility.

This is a simple plan for sustainable social media activity. You can increase the time for each activity if you have it. Or you can even schedule this exact routine multiple times throughout the day. The idea is to have a disciplined plan that you can stick to. That way, when you’re done, you’re done.

Get it? Got it! Good.

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